Public voice as a new force in urban design. Over the past decades, the methodology of urban design and development in democratic countries transformed into complex procedures of public participation and user-involvement. Now it is not only experts groups and professional stakeholders like urban designers, developers, or public authorities that interact in order to scheme new buildings, urban quarters, or infrastructure projects. As a powerful new force, the public has emerged which is seeking participation throughout the whole project lifecycle, from the creation of initial ideas to final implementation and execution. The voice of citizens plays an increasingly important role in urban development. In many cases, public resistance has heavily disrupted the regular design and development process. Today, the public can easily express and exchange ideas, organise and amplify its opinion via Internet, social media, smartphone. The new media have given powerful leverage for voicing the public opinion, which may range from skepticism to rejection. In various cases, opposition has even built up into massive protests and riots e.g. Stuttgart21, Image 2). Negligence of public opinion and miscommunication about planning endeavours on the side of professionals experts and stakeholders has lead to disastrous development of many urban projects (ZIA 2013).