Creating an Environment for Urban Co-Design

Seizing the opportunity offered by emerging technologies to produce new forms of content and user engagement, U_CODE will design and develop a new kind of participatory platform that enables urban designers, architects, and developers to co-design and communicate their projects with the larger public.

U_CODE addresses following two main user groups:

Professional creatives like urban designers, architects, and project developers Non-professional public, i.e. the general citizenship including non-professional stakeholders.

In the future, professional designers will design our cities in close cooperation with the citizenship. Departing from technocratic planning, the shaping of the urban realm will become a democratic process in which all civic stakeholders participate as co-creators and co-designers. From the very beginning of a project, citizen experts will contribute their experience, opinions, and ideas, and keep an active voice throughout the design and development process. Positive public commitment, constructive discussion and high identification with projects will result this new kind of co-creation.