Lead: TU Dresden, Knowledge Architecture lab | Audience: Massive Tool

The DesignStormer Web Game opens the urban planning process for massive participation and invites all citizens to take part in the co design phase of urban projects. The game lets players work through a diverging, clustering and converging design tasks whilst being enjoyable thereby triggering the imagination and affection with urban city issues.

inherit ideation in written language, confrontation with ideas, their sorting and further three-dimensional building processes on distributed maps that result in plenty design alternatives each. These are explored and evaluated by the crowd in a feedback environment. Expression, Exploration and Social Features are the basic motivations for play. Participation and especially valuable contributions are additionally motivated with in-game rewards. Digital awards and additional pieces to place on design maps make up for resource management and customization dynamics. Instead of a sequential workshop process, the DesignStormer offers an iterative process that enables complex interrelations between different urban quarters.