Smartphone/tablet co-creation tool

Lead: TU Dresden, Media Centre | Target audience: everyone

The tool is designed for intuitive use by massive numbers of citizens. It runs in a browser window, without the need for special hardware. Hence, it can be used on smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers. Depending on screen size, the tool responsively adjusts the presentation of its interface.

Users can place objects onto a digital model of a city or a building site. They can then assign a function to the objects (e.g., traffic, recreation, industry) and leave comments regarding the meaning or connotation of the object and its placement. The tool offers a number of standard objects, some of which can then be freely adjusted by the users (size, rotation, color). Users can build upon other participants’ proposals or create new proposals.

The Smartphone CoCreation Tool is the technological foundation for the DesignStormer Web Game. Because its source code is availabe online, further projects may build on it in the future.