VR Fox

Lead: Optis | For: Focus Groups/Experts

The U_CODE VR Tool is used during the co-design phase of an urban project in the context of a focus group. It gives opportunities to imagine and discuss design proposals in a virtual environment, allowing for a 1:1 scale experience and sharing a physical experience of urban design with other citizens/experts.

All participants of the VR Focus Group Co-Design session will gather in the same place, around a collaborative screen while one of them gets immersed using an HMD system and build up a design proposal together. The immersed user can dive into two modes. In a World-in-Miniature-Mode, users are able to drag and drop basic shapes, predefined 3D models or metaphoric service items from an objects library. In an exploration mode, the urban scenes are at the correct scale so that the user can visit his or her city as he or she would do in real life. Dedicated navigation metaphors allow the user to walk on the ground or fly around the city.